a hand made drawing of Sita Ram

New music out now!

Jai Maa!

Dear family, we are really excited to present you all the new singles from Mantras con Amor: “Sitaram”, “Ganesha” and “Jai Maa”.

We hope you enjoy them and sing your hearts out to the Lord in all His forms!

You can listen to them on this playlist:



Much love to everybody,

Demetrios & Vichitra


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Hand with mala doing Japa

The power of Japa

Have you heard about the word “Japa”?

Japa in sanskrit means “continuous repetition of the name of God”…. it means to repeat the same mantra consciously again and again and again.  At some point  you become one with the mantra. At this point you become one with God.

Japa is an ancient and amazing spiritual technique.  It is practiced in all religions and its benefits are numerous: repetition of mantras help to calm the mind and fill it with positivity. Not only does it work on that level, but it is also said to burn karma and  strengthen our inner connection with the Divine.

Last week we spoke about the Maha Mantra “Om Namo Narayanaya“. Because of this for this  week we would like to invite you to try something special. Get a mala (better a new mala; for each mantra you want to do japa, use a different mala), light a candle, sit quietly in a place free from distractions and recite any mantra for as long as you feel. Notice if you have any sensations after doing this practice. did anything change? Could you see a difference in your internal state?

If you’d like share your feedback with us! We would be overjoyed to hear your experiences! For us doing japa has become an important part of our lives, almost as important as mantra singing! We encourage you to bring it into your daily life and experience this special and ancient technique.

With love Vichitra and Demetrios.


* Photo by Bhakti Marga




handmade calligraphy design of the mantra Om Name Narayanaya

Om Namo Narayanaya

 ‘OM, I give everything to the One in whom all things dwell and who dwells in all things’.

This mantra itself is the Divine. There is no difference between the Lord and this mantra. It has been said that THIS MANTRA WILL BRING PEACE to this WORLD.

Om Namo Narayanaya Japa

We cannot even begin to comprehend the power behind this mantra.

For us this mantra is very special, it is the mantra that our guru Paramahamsa Vishwananda constantly tells us to chant. As many times as possible throughout the day we repeat this mantra and maybe some of those divine qualities will rub off on us!

One of our favorite songs from our last album “Puja” is….. you guessed it “Om Namo Narayanaya” if you want to have a listen we have connected one of our Spotify playlists below or if you are really feeling in the mood you can buy the song on Amazon here.

The truth is, we have many songs with different versions of this mantra, above you can see a video of us playing a relaxed version in the park with the ukulele. Basically any opportunity we get we are trying to stick the mantra into a song because it is so close to our hearts.

We wish you all much love and happiness, may this mantra bring you peace and joy to your lives!


Mantras con Amor just came back from the USA!! We have have had the privilage to participate in the project “Yoga in Sedona” by photographer Wari OM. We have toured Arizona’s iconic sites such as the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and lots of incredible Sedona sites …

We still have to digest all the experiences since Sedona is an energetically strong place because of all the energy vortices there.

Below the final result of Wari’s project! ENJOY!


Mantras con Amor is celebrating today !!

Our song OM Mani Padme Hum has made more than 50,000 € visits this week, it’s amazing!

We would like to thank all the people who listen to us in Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Brazil ….. I hope we can visit you soon!

… Blessings from Spain …

“Puja” is almost ready … a few more finishing touches and comes out of the oven !!

As a preview, here is the video “teaser” of the work we have been doing these last few months …. we hope you like it!